Born in Milan in 1983, I currently live and work in London, where I am also undertaking a postgraduate course in Performance (Contemporary Art Practice) at Royal College of Art.
My works are usually positioned between antithetical poles, located in an area where contradiction is embraced and opposites cease to be so; they take on the impossible aim of reconciling these opposites.

Balancing between a desire to engage with the recipient and the ambition of stimulating a stronger attentive processing, my work tipically takes the form of the ‘almost unnoticed’ and manifests itself as subtle performances or concise actions operating across the threshold of the recipient’s consciousness.

I don’t like illeism in biographies I write for myself.

Selected exhibitions:

2016 – I am NOT tino sehgal @ Nahmad Projects, London, Uk Curated by Francesco Bonami
2016 – Performance festival @ Light Eye Mind, London, Uk Curated by Light Eye Mind
2016 – Revolve festival @ Uppsala, Sweden

2015 – CityLeaks @ Cologne, Germany Curated by Georg Barringhaus

2014 – Acqua @ Bunker, Torino, Italy curated by Associazione culturale Variante Bunker

2013 – Festival internazionale della rigenerazione urbana @ Rosarno, Italy curated by Associazione A di città