I have the impression that time is moving at three different speeds, a real-life version of a parallax website. On one layer it has a linear, or rather incremental, sense of progression. On another, it’s still subject to the idea of circularity, and ever remixed loops come and go. On the third, time is not experienced as a continuum anymore and is conversely fragmented into “moments”: one fleeting life highlight after the other.

Swift technological advancement, a revived modern influence and the recent postmodern experience, created the basis for a new cultural condition yet to be defined. I take advantage of the transiency of performance, and its only apparent contradictory expansion into less elitist media (such as video and installation), to investigate such condition.
My work seeks for balance between rigour and openness, research and sensitivity, coherence and contradiction, while its aesthetics revolve around the notion of ‘the almost unnoticed’, which I developed as an alternative to the Western dominating shock culture.
The impact of technology, the development of digital self-identity, the ease of content (re)appropriation and (re)signification, the consequences of irony and relativism, the expression and propagations of feelings, and even the perception of time itself are central to my work.

My art is, in this sense, hyper contemporary.
That is to be dedicated to the understanding and involved into the shaping of the cultural shift we are currently facing.
Born in Milan in 1983, I currently live and work in London.

Shortlisted for the 2017 Almacantar prize.

Selected exhibitions:

2017 – Interstitial Practices: Extruding Performance @ Royal College of Art, London, Uk
2017 – Royal College of Art degree show @ Royal College of Art, London, Uk
2017 – Revolve festival @ Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala, Sweden
2016 – Performance art meeting @ Labyrinth gallery, Lublin, Poland
2016 – ME/YOU YOU/ME @ Sensei Gallery, London, Uk curated by Jeroen Van Dooren & Despina Zacharopoulou
2016 – I am NOT tino sehgal @ Nahmad Projects, London, Uk Curated by Francesco Bonami
2016 – Lime-In-Aid, @ Limehouse Town Hall, London, curated by Linda Rocco & Jeth Reyes
2016 – Performance festival @ Light Eye Mind, London, Uk Curated by Light Eye Mind
2015 – CityLeaks @ Cologne, Germany Curated by Georg Barringhaus
2014 – Acqua @ Bunker, Torino, Italy
2013 – Festival internazionale della rigenerazione urbana @ Rosarno, Italy